Dubai Real Estate Institute spreads real estate knowledge in the Arab world

Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI), the educational arm of Dubai Land Department, has cemented its position both locally and regionally due to its extensive training programme, which includes comprehensive courses and workshops that are designed to educate real estate employees and professionals.

DREI is implementing its training plan in line with its vision to become the world leader in spreading real estate knowledge, and also seeks to expand globally to support an international real estate environment alongside senior professionals in the sector, ensure the rights of all parties, and further the development efforts of the region’s communities.

Mahmoud Al Burai, Executive Director at Dubai Real Estate Institute, commented: “We are pleased to cooperate with regional institutions to share experiences and establish best practices. Our courses in the UAE and abroad serve to promote Dubai’s real estate model and highlight its unique characteristics. The most important of these is the meticulous organisation of Dubai’s real estate sector, which is based on a clear set of regulations and legislations that enhance transparency, reinforce our strong infrastructure and provide a highly safe environment. In response to the needs of our partners in the region, we are always keen to provide the courses that meet the requirements of their markets.”

A total of 68 DREI courses have been launched in many of the region’s countries, with the institute hosting several in Bahrain, Jordan, Oman and Saudi Arabia. The courses were organised in cooperation with academic and real estate entities, and designed to develop the skills of employees in the real estate sector. DREI’s professional courses cover various real estate fields, opening doors for those who wish to work in the sector at all levels and specialisations.

Source: Dubai Land Department

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