Brandium Ataşehir located in the Ataşehir district on the Asian side of Istanbul offers now 10 % discount on the down payment which is 1%.

10% discount on down payments at Brandium Ataşehir!

The Brandium Ataşehir housing complex consists of apartments, office spaces, a hotel and a shopping mall and is being built by Emay İnşaat and Erko Group of Companies.

Brandium Ataşehir is constructed on 120,000 square meter grounds and has 1550 apartments to offer. Apartment sizes vary from 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms.

Life has already started at Brandium Ataşehir and apartments are ready to move in. The 1% down payment is now 10% less.

Residents enjoy garden terraces which are added to every 5th floor of the buildings, gardens decorated with water themes, nice walking paths, swimming pools, sport grounds.


 Apartments with private pool terraces are also available. A day care centers for kids, a 4 storey shopping complex built on 60,000 square meters with 250 shops providing everything from home textiles to electronics is also an addition to the privileges of home owners.

Brandium Ataşehir address : Dereboyu Cad. No.29 Ataşehir / İstanbul

Brandium Ataşehir contact info: call 444 12 00 or

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