Urumqi Bainiao Lake Wanda City, the 17th Wanda City project, started construction. As the first mega-size cultural tourism project launched since the implementation of China’s “Road and Belt Initiative”, Urumqi Bainiao Lake Wanda City, with its eco-friendly planning and design, extensive and highly engaging amusement facilities, and rich historical and cultural elements of Xinjiang, will become a new center of tourism on the “Belt and Road” economic corridors. The groundbreaking ceremony of the project was attended by Chen Quanguo, Party Secretary of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, Shohrat Zakir, Chairman of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and Zhang Lin, President of Wanda Cultural Industry Group, among others.

Urumqi has since the ancient times been an important hub of commerce and trade that connects the East and the West. As a core city on the “Belt and Road” economic corridors with reach to major regions in Central Asia, it features importantly in China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”. Urumqi Bainiao Lake Wanda City is favorably located in Bainiao Lake New District of Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone, accessible by half an hour’s car ride from the nearest airport and railway station and 15 minutes’ rail ride from the downtown area of Urumqi. The project has a land area of approximately 100 hectares and will have a floor area of 400,000 sq. m., with a total investment of RMB 9.8 billion, including RMB 8 billion in construction investments. The complex will have wide-ranging components including a theme park, an indoor aquarium, an indoor water amusement park, and holiday hotels.

With an innovative design, Urumqi Bainiao Lake Wanda Plaza will be unique in several ways. First, it will be ecologically sound with various ingeniously planned attractions, including hotels built on hillslopes aligned with the urban green belt that command an unimpeded view of Mount Tianshan. Secondly, visitor engagement is highlighted throughout. The indoor amusement park will have the latest amusement facilities imported from around the world. The indoor aquarium will integrate ocean animal show, performance and amusement items for the first time. Thirdly, historical and cultural elements of Xinjiang will be harmoniously incorporated. The outdoor theme park will have several large-scale customized amusement facilities that infuse Xinjiang’s beautiful scenery and brilliant culture into amusement activities.

Planned to open in 2021 with an annual visitor traffic of 10 million, Urumqi Bainiao Lake Wanda City will dramatically boost tourism in Urumqi and turn it into a world-class tourist destination, especially for people in the five countries in Central Asia.

Source: WandaGroup

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