In America, the National Home Construction Association announced the most admired homes in Las Vegas this week. There were 36 houses on the list. However, the most popular of these houses is NV NV’s home in Henderson.

The house of 8,226 square meters stands out by many people thanks to its different design, luxury features and technological facilities. The price of the house was listed at a price of $ 6.5 million. The five-bedroom house has 5 bathrooms.

One of the reasons why the house is so popular and preferred is its panoramic view. Located on the top of Las Vegas, the views of the house are fascinating. From the windows of the house, you can see the bright lights of Las Vegas.

Outdoor and indoor living areas are also an important element in the appreciation of this house. Transitions from the interior and lodges of the houseof part are quite easy. “No one’s done [outdoor-indoor flow] to this extent before,” says Bridgette Slater, director of design and preconstruction for Sun West Custom Homes, the Nevada company that built and designed the house. “We wanted to show everyone that it’s functional on the front of the house as much as the back.”

The house is surrounded by glass. You can see the desert landscape wherever you turn your kakina. Nearly 50 percent of the house is made of glass.

“There are shade pockets everywhere,” Slater says. “Energy efficiency in this home is insane. Your utility bills aren’t crazy.”

The house has a location that takes much more care than other houses in the bathroom. The bathroom has a space for a steam bath. The bathroom has desert views like other parts of the house.


Photo: Jeffrey A. Davis Photography

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