3 new projects by Dumanlar Construction which are DumanPark Houses 2, DumanPark Butik and Kavakli Houses.
these 3 of the projects are on sale. Deliverises of the projects can be read in this news.

3 new projects  by Dumanlar Construction!

Dumanlar construction is implementing  new projects next to eachother, name of the two projects are determined as DumanPark Houses 2 and DumanPark Butik. The other has got name as Kavakli  Houses which will be on sale soon.

Kavakli Houses consist of 2 blocks with 30 residences. Kavakli Houses spans over 1730 m2 piece of land. Kavakli Houses delivery is being expected to be scheduled 15 months later.

DumanPark Houses 2 will be composed of 12 residences and 6 stores. Residences are designed as 3 bedroom type. DumanPark Houses 2 spans over 1117 m2 piece of land.

Dumanlar Construction visual:

DumanPark Butiktotal construction area is determined as 810 m2 piece of land. DumanPark Butik is formed as 1block with 16 residence in it. The delivery of DumanPark Butik is arranged to be 12 months later.

Dumanlar Construction contact info: For the further information please call sale office 0212 853 61 61 

or visit www.dumanlarinsaat.com.tr

İrem Küpeli/emlakcoulisse.com

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