In the past months, many office buildings in Dayton have been sold. The new owners of the buildings sold and the properties of the buildings …

Tower of Grant Deneau

The Dayton’s first modern skyscraper, Grant Deneau Tower, was sold last month. The tower was sold to developers working on projects in the city center. Windsor, who bought the tower, did not announce the sale price. The office has 22 floors.

The 40 W. Fourth St. building has wide-open floor layouts that provide opportunities to turn the spaces into a variety of creative uses, a Windsor official said when the sale was announced Jan. 8.

Other than that, Windsor has sold the Firefly building and the Graphic Arts building in the same period.

Courthouse Plaza SW

The Dayton-based building was sold to digital signage company Stratacache for $ 1.7 million. The CEO has said he will have more information in the near future about the company’s plans for Courthouse Plaza SW.

Benjamin F. Kuhns Building

Cross Street Partner bought the building in January. The firm paid $ 128 million for the building.

Among the tenants of the 11-storey building are the US bank, Catapult Creative and Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission. The building was built in 1883. The building is known as the first commercial postal channel in the United States.

Talbott Tower

The 14-story Talbott Tower was sold for $ 1.8 million. Javad Adinehzadeh, principal of Talbott Tower Holdings LLC, said a bakery could open in the building in about three months.

The company plans to build new buildings such as Lighting, roofs and elevators, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The building, built in 1937, has an area of 197,000 square meters.

Dayton, Ohio; The sixth largest city in the United States of America. Dayton’s nickname is Jewel City. Dayton is also known as the birthplace of aviation. Dayton is an economically developed region.


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