Buying new construction property can be difficult. However, there are too many decisions to take before seeing the final product. For this purpose, there are five questions you should ask before purchasing a new construction site;

1) Where can I see past examples of your work?

When it comes to new construction, one of the biggest concerns of buyers is that it is difficult for them to see the final product immediately after being signed on the dotted line. Unfortunately, while there is no way to solve this problem, you can request by seeing the examples of the previous works of the builder.

There are two purposes of taking time to look at some of the producer’s other projects. On the one hand, the builder’s preferred business style will also give an idea of ​​how he keeps it in quality and time. However, it will give you the opportunity to get a reference. If possible, have the opportunity to talk with the host to see what they like and don’t like to work with the builder.

2) What features come as standard? Which upgrade?

At the beginning, when you look at a new construction house, the base price is given for your unit. This base price includes all standard surfaces which are generally of the manufacturer class in terms of quality. You are then given the option to upgrade specific features. However, this comes at an additional cost. Before you start to estimate the actual cost of your property, it is necessary to know which features are included in the base price and which one you want to upgrade to something different.

To do this, the best thing you can do is walk around the model house with a tool that works for the builder (if you have a vehicle). Ask the manufacturer’s agent to indicate which features in the model house are standardized and which are considered as upgrades. This will give you an idea of ​​how many upgrades you have before you decide to sit down and make decisions.

3) How often do I see the property during construction?

As a homeowner, you should be able to visit the house at regular intervals during construction. However, many buyers are surprised that this does not mean that you will have the ability to request a tour whenever you want. Most builders have set times to allow buyers to come and see their progress, and some may be quite restrictive.

You only know how often you should see the house to feel comfortable. However, as long as you don’t take the initiative and ask, you don’t know if the builder’s program matches yours. If you think that the constructor is too restrictive, you are right to ask if an exception will be made for extra visits. However, you should be aware that your request may be denied and in this case it may be appropriate for you to look elsewhere.

4) What guarantees do you provide? Can I still inspect?

Just because a house is brand new doesn’t mean nothing goes wrong. Fortunately, most builders guarantee that an unexpected problem occurs. You’ll want to ask the builder what guarantees are available to you, as well as what is covered by each warranty and what is not covered. Ideally, you will at least be guaranteed the first few years you own the house.

Throughout the same lines, you should also ask the builder whether the inspection is allowed. Although the house is new, it is a good idea to do a home examination. Sometimes the best builders even make mistakes and if you have it in your home, it is best to find them before sitting at the settlement table. In this way, correcting them is undeniably the responsibility of the builder and there is no confusion.

5) Who can I contact during the building process?

Even if you speak to the builder when buying your house for the first time, you are not likely to contact them directly during the construction process. Instead, you’ll probably have to go through a realtor or building supervisor. Whoever this person is, you will want to get contact details and arrange a meeting with them if possible.

Building a house is a very complex process that involves making hundreds of small decisions. When you have questions, it is best to know who to contact directly for your own comfort.

Source: Forbes

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