Construction of the Asharej and Al Markhaniva roundabout development project in Al Ain city, worth $49.8 million, has begun. The development of the two roundabouts aims to improve traffic and reduce congestion during peak as well as enhance traffic safety. The works are being carried out by Al Ain City Municipality and Abu Dhabi General Services Company Musanda.

The project scope includes converting the existing Al Markhaniya roundabout (P169) to a traffic signal intersection and converting the Asharej (P170) into a tunnel. The work also includes developing the link road between the two intersections, landscaping, sidewalks and cycling paths. The project is being delivered in collaboration with the department of transport, and the Integrated Transport Centre, the Abu Dhabi police headquarters and other stakeholders.

Source: Arabian Business

Fulya Altunyay/fulyaaltunyay/[email protected]