An all-new boutique hotel will be opened to the Riviera Maya in Mexico, one of the world’s most important holiday destinations.

The hotel will be built from ın the Xcaret eco-adventure community and will be called La Casa de la Playa Resort. The hotel is scheduled to open next summer. The developer of the hotel is Experiencias Xcaret Group.

The hotel will have 63 suites, all with private plunge pools. Apart from these, the hotel will have four restaurants, two pools, a spa, an mezaler, a chocolate shop, a wine cellar and a library.

The vision is simple, the company says — to be “the best boutique hotel in Mexico.” The first Xcaret Hotel was opened in December 2017. The Xcaret campus is set on 915 acres, with plans for an eventual total of 6,000 hotel rooms, along with a 12,000-seat stadium and an 800,000-square-foot convention center.

“The All-Fun Inclusive program will continue to develop as we add parks and tours to the Experiencias Xcaret offering, and we will maintain our position as the leading Mexican tourism group, the only company to offer sustainable tourism entertainment, creating a new destination within Mexico and celebrating our commitment to our country,” the company said in a statement.


Sevdenur Demir /

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