A new hotel development will be opened in the Martinique region of the Caribbean, which is dominated by French rule. The hotel was first opened in 1945.

The hotel will be re-opened as a result of the construction of Diamant Les Bains, which was opened in 1945 and located on the beach at the southern end of Martinique.

Following a large-scale transformation project, Diamant Les Bains opened its doors with 33 rooms and five bungalows. This hotel is an important development for the town of Le Diamant, the most tranquil area of the Caribbean.

The Diamant Les Bains hotel has a bar, an authentic French Caribbean dining place, a pool with a beachfront jacuzzi. Some of the features you’ll enjoy are kitchenette. One of the most important features of the hotel is that it has a quite calm atmosphere.

Martinique is one of the overseas provinces of France located in the Caribbean. It is the capital of the region, Fort-de-France, with an area of 1,950 km². Another important city on the island. And Pierre. Since Martinique is a province of France, the currency is Euro. The official language in the region is French.