Construction of a mixed-use property in the Parkside district of Birmingham will begin. Developers will build a boutique hotel, dwelling units, an entertainment venue, parekede and studio space in a 140-line.

Parkside development is led by Grant Brigham, Jared Weinstein, New York’s venture capitalist. The project will consist of 250 thousand square meters of housing, trade and hospitality.

“Birmingham is on the path to becoming a 21st century success story, and Railroad Park is an early symbol of that success,” says Weinstein. “We’re excited to assemble a team that will bring a top tier project to the Parkside District and play a part in downtown Birmingham’s continued growth.”

According to Grant Brigham, the development team is planning to work with local organizations to create a hospitality workforce development program as part of the project. Pre-sale will start in housing and this summer hotel design plans will be published.

Will new projects come to Parkside?

The last in a long development plan for the Parkside region. It estimated that dozens of developments in business are still going to bring 1 thousand 200 new housing to the region.

Parkside is currently drinking hot with the opportunity of improvement. First of all, in the last decade, the industrial zone has gradually transformed into one of Birmingham’s hottest real estate areas.

Every year, industrial warehouses that fill the area gradually moved into new attraction centers, such as the Railway Park, the Area of ​​the Regions and the Good People Brewing Company, and gradually turned into mixed-use developments.

Source: Bham Now

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