Mosque of the Ottoman general that was built in 16th century in Hungarian city Siklos is one of the 3 mosques in the country and serves as a museum and place of gathering for local Muslims in Friday prayers

A tourist attraction center in Hungary: Malkocoglu Balibey mosque!

Mosque of Ottoman general and Bosnia’s Sanjak-bey Malkocoglu Bali-bey in Hungarian city Siklos is a real tourist attraction center.

Malkocoglu Bali-bey mosque was built between 1543 and 1565, and reconstructed into its original form by local authorities and Turkish government in 1994 since when it became a real tourist attraction in Hungarian city. 

Today, it serves as a museum of carpets, national costumes and coffee cups from the Ottoman legacy.

Marketing manager in the House of Culture in Siklos Selma Zemanic revealed few details about the mosque to Anadolu Agency (AA). She said the mosque ruins were found in 1969. 

“After the Ottoman left this territory, mosque was used as a shelter to homeless,” said Selma showing the illustration of the mosque. 

In 1993, the mosque won the award “Europa Nostra” for the greatest architectural marvel. “After that, Turkish government donated carpets, old national costumes and coffee cups to the mosque,” said Selma. 

Authorities of Siklos preserve documents about the mosque and general Malkocoglu. 

“Malkocoglu built the mosque at the time when Ottomans were conquering these territories,” said Selma, adding that this is the only preserved mosque in Siklos, among many that dated from the same period. 

“At the moment, there are around 30 Muslims in Siklos who come for the weekly prayer on Friday to this mosque,” she said. 

Malkocoglu Bali-bey was Ottoman general who gained the fame in the battles in Hungary, Banat and Slavonia. 

Malkocoglu Bali-bey mosque is one of the three mosques in Hungary, next to the one in Budapest and the one in Gyor city. 


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