Tehran mayor Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf and the committee with him visited metropolitan mayor Melİh Gökçek in his office and together signed the sister town protocol taken into decision in 2011..

A visit to Mayor Gökçek from Tehran Mayor!

Tehran Mayor Mohammed Bagher Ghalibaf and the committee with him vsited Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gokcek. In the visit, Sister Town Protocol of Ankara and Tehran which was agreed on in 2011  was signed by Mayor Gokcek and Tehran Mayor Ghalibaf.

In the visit where took place in the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Office, there also Iran’s Ankara Ambassador Ali Rıza Bikdeli and Tehran Municipality bureucrats attended with Mayor Ghalibaf.


Came to Turkey for the Şeb-i Arus ceremonies organized in Konya, Capital of Iran Tehran Mayor Ghalibaf pointed that it was his second visit to Ankara and stated that the visit was made with a two years delay because of his busy schedule. The Guest Mayor Ghalibaf said: “I feel pleasure for this visit even it’s a short one. Dear ambassador lend assistance to make this opportunity happen” 

“We started lately but hopefully will go on fast” guest mayor continued his words and for a journalist’s question about what are his opinions about Ankara he answered as: “As I see in this short period of time a clean and neat city, it has beautiful city planning.” 

After the meeting Mayor Gokcek and guest Mayor Ghalibaf presented each others their gifts in memory of the day. While Mayor Gokcek gave a silver studded hand made plate as a gift the Guest Mayor presented a special model of the world’s fourth tallest tower with the world’s biggest rotary restaurant within it, Milad Tower in Tehran and an albüm consist of old and new photos of Tehran to Mayor Gokcek. 


In the visit there also the sister town protocol between two cities which was agreed on by the Metropolitan Council Members in 2011 was signed. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has achieved studies about international relations that would serve as models and establish sister town relations with several capitals all around the globe and by the signed protocol became sister town with Tehran too. 

After the visit Mayor Melih Gokcek has guided the guest mayor Ghalibaf and the committee with him on a tour in Ankapark and inform them. After the tour, the guest committee went on to high-speed train from Ankara Terminal and moved on to Konya.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality

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