Akasya Acibadem brands and location can be read in this news. This commercial project will open its gates on 6th March. Located in Acibadem a part of Kadikoy

Akasya Acibadem brands and location!

Akasya Acibadem brands and location!

Akasya Acibadem Shopping Mall  is designed by amerikan architecture group DDG in the Acibadem district of Kadikoy. This commercial building will be open in this March. This project branches out 182,00 m2 piece of land. You will be informed about Akasya Acibadem  brands and location in this news.

World Brands

Akasya Acibadem Shopping Mall includes various of world wide famous brands and cafe, reastaurant chains. This commercial complex consists of 10 cinama saloons including an Imax saoon as well, concert,teather saloon

Which brands are there?

Akasya Acibadem Shopping Mall includes these international brands: apple, Samsung, Vakko, Beymen, Lacote, Pr5ada, Burberry, Armani, LCV,Marks and Spancer etc…

A few rental spaces are left:

The total amount of stores are 300.Most of the stores are sold or rented, but the less amount of rental stores are continuing.

Where is Akasya Acibadem Shopping Mall?

This commercial complex is being built by Saf GYO on the Asian side in Kadikoy next to  E-5 highway.Uzuncayir metrobus, Kadikoy- Kartal metro and Unalan stations is located near by this project. This project will connect to marmaray project with 400 meters tunnel.

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