The construction of the new social dining and entertainment venue continues in Al Qana and is planned to open in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Al Qana with 2.4 kilometer panoramic coastline, local and international food and beverage sales, outdoor skate park and lush landscapes, fitness and wellness center, first class family and community social areas, a virtual environment never seen before The reality zone, the marina, is the largest independent cinema in Abu Dhabi and the largest aquarium in the Middle East.

While the project was headed towards the target launch, Al Qana signed more than 52 percent of the leasable areas for entertainment and attractions, and mobilized its strategy of incorporating attractive and unique concepts into the rest.

Todd English, celebrity chef and international restaurant owner, said during his tour at the site: “I am excited by places that bring people together and offer something different. Al Qana does just that and we’re thrilled at the opportunity of opening a new concept on the waterfront.”

David Cassidy, the senior leasing manager at Landmark Group, said in a statement: “Al Qana is taking shape quickly and is a very exciting project. The hugely impressive National Aquarium and various F&B/leisure elements will make it a must-visit national attraction for both tourists and residents.”

Enrico Clementi is the Managing Partner at Tribe Creators, the consulting firm behind the famous F & B and entertainment concepts in the UAE.

Fouad Mashal, CEO of Al Barakah International Investment, the company behind the construction of Al Qana, said: “Al Qana plans to attract more than 150 must-see concepts across 11 blocks with a total GLA (gross leasable area) of 60,000 sq m. We are aiming to create a vibrant ecosystem for businesses, whether they are F&B providers, recreational outlets or wellness hubs.”

Al Qana is a unique beach destination in Abu Dhabi that brings a new definition of social dining and entertainment. The development is one of the most anticipated tourist destinations in the capital, which has seven connection points covering the natural and picturesque coastal walkway more than 2.4 km in the capital.

To the residents and visitors, from the waterfront restaurants to the main amenities, an open skate park and lush landscapes, the fitness and wellness center, world-class family and community social areas, a virtual reality zone, marina and the largest independent cinema, Mashal attracted attention.

“It is important that there is a complementary mix, catering to the many varied communities and visitors who will make Al Qana such an exciting lifestyle destination,” he added.

Source: Trade Arabia

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