According to the research, the median list price continued to increase in March with 3 percent from February, 8% above the previous March and the average median home prices reached $238,000 in U.S.

“Listings are growing as they normally do this time of the year, but because demand has been growing faster than supply, homes are selling faster,” said Jonathan Smoke, chief economist of

“So the monthly trend is the normal seasonal pattern, but the year-over-year decline is reflective of demand being stronger than supply for more than a year, which is resulting in fewer homes available and faster-moving inventory.” he added.

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Top 20 best performing markets – March 2016;

1-San Francisco, CA
2-Vallejo, CA
3-Denver, CO
4-Santa Cruz, CA
5-Dallas, TX
6-San Jose, CA
7-Santa Rosa, CA
8-Sacramento, CA
9-San Diego, CA
10-Stockton, CA
11-Colorado Springs, CO
12-Oxnard, CA
13-Eureka, CA
14-Modesto, CA
15-Raleigh, NC
16-Boston, MA
17-Los Angeles, CA
18-Boulder, CO
19-San Luis Obispo, CA
20-Lafayette, IN


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