Square Foot Photography is attracting attention all over the country.company provides photo and weather images for real estate agents.

It has photographed more than 3,000 commercial properties since its foundation . The company has worked with many companies. These CBRE, HFF, JLL, NGKF.

The biggest advantage of Square Foot Photography streamlined workflow and straight forward pricing.

Co-founder Richie Gill say With local photographers in markets from coast to coast, we are able to provide the consistency, promptness and quality required by commercial firms who are working on high profile deals, where the tolerance for error or delay is non-existent.

Square Foot Photography has $150 Commercial Pitch Package. It has aerial imaging services and drone.

Co-founder Carlos Boilla told Our aerial imaging team is able to navigate the complexities of getting clearance from local airports and law enforcement agencies and still deliver the finished product to clients days or even weeks quicker than our competitors.

Source: prnewswire.com

Sevdenur Demir/ realestatecoulisse.com

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