On March 7, the University of California laid the foundations of the country’s largest student house in the West Village neighborhood of the university. The project is known as UC Davis.

America’s largest student house will be opened in 2020. Authorities say the UC Davis project is currently the largest student housing development project in the United States. When the project is over, it will have a student house with a capacity of 1000 beds.

The project developer is Micheals Organization. Bareber Stantec provides services such as architecture, interior architecture, building engineering and landscape architecture for the project. UC Davis will be built on 34 acres of land. There will also be nine four-storey apartment buildings with indoor and outdoor communities and recreation areas. There will be a fitness center, multi-purpose room and student support services in the area of approximately 10,000 square meters.

The aim of the new project is to achieve 100% zero net energy efficiency. In addition, all buildings will be designed, constructed and commissioned to achieve 40% (based upon calendar year 2017-18) or greater reduction in site building energy use based upon UC Davis benchmarks, says Richey Madison, Stantec principal, West Coast Education.

“The site and building designs limit the amount of exposed glazing, while maximizing access to daylighting in units,” says Madison. “The facility also incorporates shading devices over the energy efficient windows.”

A large bicycle path, bicycle parking area will be built to increase bicycle use.

Designing around the University of California Davis and the City of Davis, which both have a huge bicycle-oriented culture, was a unique component of this project,” says Sean Studzinski, Stantec principal, National Residence Life.

“Our team worked with the UC Davis Campus Planners on several versions of how the buildings might layout to create bicycle ‘freeways’ that wouldn’t overwhelm the development. The streets were designed to minimize vehicle traffic speeds and utilize dedicated bicycle lanes that lead to the university and downtown.”

Source: enr.com

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