The Toronto-based Next Property Group will open an eight-story office building in the Junction district.

The eight-storey building with hybrid mass lumber is located at 77 Wade Ave. The building consists of nail laminated wood (NLT), glulam columns, steel and concrete. Wood manufacturer Structure Fusion Inc., architects Bogdan Newman Caranci Inc. (BNC) and designed by civil engineers Blackwell.

“We’ve combined a number of systems from different parts of the building industry and put them together in a fairly unique fashion,” said BNC partner Jonathan King.

The development was constructed using a hybrid mass wood structure.

“This is the first in a series of buildings that we are going to construct,” said Next Property Group president and CEO Cary Solomon. “We are really excited about this effort.”

The building’s developers says will be the highest modern and mass office building in Canada after the building is completed.

General manager Dominique Briand said they have been working on hybrid buildings for a long time.“We have worked on many concept buildings of between six and 10 storeys, but this will be the first that will be built,” Briand said. “These heights for mass timber are still new.”

King said “This was not only a collaborative process among the consultants and the client but also with the city,” he said. “We went in early and often to meet with them.

“They asked a great many questions. Through that process, we were ultimately able to satisfy them that this project could actually be achieved with the approach that we had taken.”

In the project team, Integral Group, Vortex Fire and construction director union İnşaat A.Ş. There are also engineering consultants.

The building has an area of 14,000 square meters. The interior of the building is a spacious environment with plenty of light. He added “The other piece of that is access to real materials. Much in the same way that the original 1920s warehouse buildings were designed, the materials used for the structure are also the finish materials.

“In this particular case, the glulam columns and nail-laminated timber ceilings are exposed and part of the finishes.”


Sevdenur Demir / [email protected]