Deliveries at Nef 08 Kagithane project will take place in June 2016. There are 14 floors 11 blocks in this project. The sales are continuing in the project…

Apartment in Nef 08 Kagithane for 190 thousand TL!

Nef 08 Kagithane project is comprised 146 apartments. The sizes of the 1+1 apartments range from 40 to 56 square meters in the project.

Bank loan is avaiable in Nef Kagithane 08. The project which is being built on a thousand 678 sqm piece of land.

There are 11-14 floors 2 blocks in Nef 08 Kagithane.  Deliveries at the project will take place in 2016. 1, 2, 3 bedrooms apartment alternatives available in the project.

5 percent down payment is paid by Kagithane Nef 08’s payment plan. This project is building in the European side of Istanbul-Kagithane by Timur Gayrimenkul.

Timur Nef 08 Kagithane’s social areas are; car park, security system, sports areas, fitness center, children playground.

Percent 1 KDV implementing in Nef 08 Kagithane Residence. The apartment’s prices starting from 190 thousand Turkish Liras.

*Project Name: Nef 08 Kagithane

*Location: Kagithane-Istanbul

*Building Companies: Timur Gayrimenkul

*Completion Date: June 2016

*Total Number of Homes: 146 apartments

*Types of Apartments: 1, 2, 3 bedrooms

*Sales Office: Buyukdere Street Yapi Kredi Plaza C Block Floor:16 Levent- Istanbul-Turkey

*Telephone: +90 0212 444 96 33



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