Don’t miss your chance to get a flat with Italian flair! Venedik Sarayları is located in Gaziosmanpaşa, Istanbul. Prices start at TL 329,000. Delivery is by 2015.

Apartments at Venedik Sarayları (Venice Palaces) for just TL 329,000! Downpayment is 5%!

Venedik Sarayları is a part of Viaport Venezia. Launched with the motto: “Istanbul’s most elegant Italian”, this residental complex is being built by KİPTAŞ and its profit share partners Via Properties and Gürsoy Yatırım Ortaklığı.

Venedik Sarayları is designed by the renowned architectural team of DOME Mimarlık. The Viaport Venezia Venedik Sarayları complex consists of a total of 1950 apartments. 900 of them are in Venedik Sarayları. The residental complex includes a 4 star hotel, 200 stores and office facilities.

Venedik Sarayları started sales on Jannuary 15, 2014.

The buildings are designed in shapes of crecents and they will rise up to 19-20 floors.

Payment conditions are: 5% downpayment, 75% of the sales price to be paid in instalments, starting after 12 months, the remaining 20% needs to be paid at time of delivery. VAT is 1%.

Apartments are offered as 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, dublex apartments and apartments with rooftop. Square meters vary between 57 to 383. Ceiling height is 2,65 meters.

Check out prices at Venedik Sarayları:

1 bedroom flats start at TL 329,000

2 bedroom flats start at TL 499,000

3 bedroom flats start at TL 699,000

Viaport Venezia is built on grounds expanding to 82,000 square meters. The Venedik Sarayları part covers 40,000 square meters of these grounds.

Venedik Sarayları offers private garages which go 3 floors deep under the basement. Apartments with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms are provided with 2 spots in the open air parking spaces.

Venedik Sarayları has water canals suitable for trips with gondolas. Grand plazas tranfer the Italian touch to the residental complex. Fitness centers with steam rooms and saunas, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, playgrounds, shopping facilities are among the various priviledges Venedik Sarayları has to offer.

Venedik Sarayları sales office address: Eski Edirne Asfaltı Metris Kavşağı, Küçükköy – Gaziosmanpaşa /

Venedik Sarayları contact info: call: 444 8 842 or

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