For many years, Florida has been one of the cities most preferred by local and foreign investors. Despite the fluctuations in price for the last ten years, this has not changed.

In 2008, the house prices in the Florida real estate market doubled. However, after 2008, house prices fell gradually. In recent years, prices have increased rapidly in almost all local Florida markets.

The growth rate in the Florida market is well above the six-month rate. The acceleration in growth indicates that housing demand will remain strong for some time. There are two important factors affecting the real estate market in Florida. The reason for this is the continuous flow of retirees to the region and the flow of South Africa money in the Miami region, which is changing according to foreign political conditions.

When you look at the graphic, you can see that the houses on the first level are quite expensive. The second part house is not very expensive yet. However, they will have higher real estate prices in the coming years. In the third section, there are regions where housing prices are loaded but not so fast.

Florida is one of the states of the United States. It covers an area of 140.098 km². The southern part of Florida is generally covered with plains, and the central and northern parts are hilly. The coastal part of the Florida coastline lies on an area of 933 km, while the coastal part of the Gulf of Mexico is 1,222 km.

Source: forbes

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