A survey published in Australia announced the most profitable capitals. According to the survey, Sydney and Melbourne aren’t among the most profitable capitals.

Momentum Wealth, a real estate investment consultant, has announced the most accurate capitals to invest in Australia. According to the Mometum Wealty report, Perth and Brisbane are the most profitable capitals. Perth accounts for 36 percent and Brisbane percent 33 for profits.

Momentum Wealth’s buyer’s agency team leader Emma Everett said Perth and Brisbane are lucrative regions for long-term investments. Emma Everett says “Whilst both markets offer strong levels of affordability compared to Sydney and Melbourne, they also hold promising opportunities for long-term growth, with Brisbane already experiencing overall price growth and areas of Perth performing strongly as the market enters its recovery.”

Ms. Everett says investors should pay attention to these areas.“In these early stages of recovery, it’s not uncommon for different areas of the market to experience price growth at different times, so investors will need to remain diligent in their research to ensure they are selecting an area that aligns with both their investment strategy and growth expectations.”

According to the survey results, 70 percent of WA investors consider Perth as the most attractive capital for investment.

She said “Perth is offering some great buying opportunities for investors looking to take advantage of current levels of affordability, but those looking towards high-demand suburbs will need to move quickly or risk entering the market when competition levels have already picked up. We are already seeing significant evidence of this in some areas of the market, with increased activity from trade-up buyers resulting in significant price growth in Perth’s central sub-region across the past 18 months.”

Source: smartpropertyinvestment.com.au

Sevdenur Demir / [email protected]