Basaksehir Bio Istanbul location can be learnt by reading this news. sponsor of a summit about green buildings.Basaksehir Bio Istanbul will be built by cooperation of TOKI.

Basaksehir Bio Istanbul location! sponsor of a summit about green buildings!

 Basaksehir Bio Istanbul location! sponsor of a summit about green buildings!

Basaksehir Bio Istanbul is a new development located in the Resneli district. The first stage of Bio Istanbul will be ready to move in by 2015. The completion is scheduled for 2020. You will be informed about where this bio building certificated project is in this news. 


Drafted by Bio City Development, this construction will  cost value of US $ 2 billion investment. Basaksehir  Bio Istanbul  will be built by cooperation of TOKI, Ministry of Environment and Planning and EPP.this building complex is sponsoring Third International Green  Buildings Summit  in the catogory  of silver.

Basaksehir Bio Istanbul will be constructed in 3 stages. First delivery date is set for 2015. This residential development will be completed by 2020.

Architectural design was made jointly by the Norwegian company Saunders Architecture and Tabanlıoğlu Mimarlık. The project includes a Pediatric Research Hospital, a research and development center, commercial spaces and apartments.


Where is Basaksehir Bio Istanbul?

Basaksehir Bio Istanbul address: Kayabaşı Mahallesi Resneli Çiftliği Mevkii Başakşehir/İstanbul

Basaksehir Bio Istanbul contact info: 

For the further information please call Başakşehir Bio İstanbul sales office phone: 0532 111 22 46 or go to

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