52 units of supporting residential buildings in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, are expected to be completed in August.

The housing project will be Burnaby’s first modular housing project. It was announced that it would postpone the opening of the housing project. The 52-unit building was scheduled to open in March. But the houses will be opened in August.

Housing was need to clear the city-owned lot,  due to the need for land clearance.The units have already been built in Kamloops and are ready to be shipped and installed, B.C. Housing spokesperson Rajvir Rao said in an email.

“However, some issues with the excavation process and connection to services have taken longer than expected and have resulted in a roughly six-week delay,” she said. “Modular units are now expected to arrive on site by mid-June and construction completion is estimated by early August.”

The small studio apartments will have bathrooms, kitchens and beds. The project, which offers residents different living spaces, will provide services including laundry, life skills training, health and food programs.

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