Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the most important symbols of Paris, was rescued from the fire. The cause of the fire in the Cathedral has not yet been determined.

The Gothic-style mix of architecture, grandiose decorations, windows and stained-glass windows, and the works of art, the 850-year-old UNESCO world heritage site, the Notre Dame Cathedral, is one of the most important temples of the world. The construction of the cathedral, which began in 1163, lasted for 170 years. Completed in 1334, the cathedral consisted of 37 chapels and 75 giant columns. The reason for the fire in the 130-meter wide cathedral is unknown.

The cause of the fire was not fully verified, but the 850-year-old cathedral was undergoing intensive restoration work to help the Gothic masterpiece cope better with the tests of time. According to the fire brigade, the fire may be potentially linked to ongoing modifications.

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed the “emotion of a whole nation” on seeing the famed Notre Dame cathedral ablaze. “Notre Dame consumed by flames. Emotion of a whole nation.”

Macron tweeted, adding that like all my compatriots I am sad to see a part of us burn this evening” and expressing solidarity with “all Catholics and all French people.

It was announced that the fire started in the cathedral 8.5 hours after the fire. In addition, the police began to question the workers in the cathedral as part of an investigation into the incident.

Source: Scmp, Reuters

Fulya Altunyay/[email protected]