The world-famous designer Calvin Klein decided to sell his office in Chelsea. The office is a minimalist design with a large balcony extending from the ceiling to the bottom of the Hudson River and the Hudson Yards.

The office is located on the 18th floor of Chelsea Art Tower and has an area of ​​3.898 square meters and has a closed terrace of 382 square meters. The office has been under Calvin Klein since 2006. The office space was developed by Jack Guttman and Young Woo.

The requested price is 90.000 USD.

Calvin Richard Klein is an American couturier born in 1942. He also owns a company with his own name, one of the world’s leading names in the fashion industry. He created a world famous brand in the field of perfume, jean and underwear. In addition, the company is also active in watches, jewelry and jewelry.

Calvin Klein was born on 19 November 1942 in Bronx, USA. He went to a high school that taught industrial design and then to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Founded in 1968 with Barry Schwartz, he founded Calvin Klein.


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