Capital Bay’s transaction volume reaches €1.4 billion in 2016

The Berlin-based company Capital Bay GmbH (Capital Bay) is looking back at a successful first financial year. Established by George Salden with four employees at the end of March 2016, the full-service investment company achieved a transaction volume of approximately €1.4 billion last year.

The biggest deals included the purchase of 862 apartments in Merseburg, 577 residential units in Heidenheim and 80,000 m² of land in Heiligensee, Berlin. Capital Bay manages assets worth around €1.15 billion with a total area of just under a million square metres.

The company now employs more than 80 people and has locations in Hamburg, Munich, Nuremberg and Leipzig as well as its headquarters in Berlin. “We have developed our business very successfully and at a rapid pace over the past year. In the residential segment, we achieved an average increase in value of around 12%,” says George Salden, CEO and founder of Capital Bay.

“Now it is a question of continuing unrelentingly on this growth trajectory.” Standardised purchasing process When examining and purchasing properties, Capital Bay relies on an IT-supported standardised process that allows the company to examine a large number of projects throughout Germany in one day.

“Speed and transparency, combined with a large volume and high quality standards, enable us to find properties that are a perfect fit for the investors we represent,” explains Salden. “At the same time, we cover the entire value chain of a property investment with our asset, construction, property and facility management activities.” Capital Bay purchases and manages properties for third parties – from buildings in the project development stage to existing properties that generate cash flow directly.

Source: Capital Bay

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