Built in 1920, and witnessed a murder, the historic McMakin-Jarrell House will be sold closely.

The historic home in Greenville was home to the sheriff Jake Jarrell, who before the famous Coweta murder from April 1948.

The house that is still used as housing awaits its new owner.

Has residential development permit. The house also has 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms. The house, built in the Victory style, will be sold for $ 98,540. The house was renovated before it went on sale. The house’s electrical and other installations were rebuilt.

The house has large and lush trees in the garden. In addition to these
features a spacious open corridor, separate family room and dining room with original fireplace. The kitchen features a breakfast area and a refrigerator.

Although it is an old house, it has an parents bathroom. With the rocking chair, you can watch the garden all day. The house can be used for living or rent. It can also be used for different commercial purposes.

The murder in Coweta County took place in April 1948 in Coweta County, Georgia. It was the murder of the Coweta County sheriff and a wealthy landowner from neighboring Meriwether County. This murder incident in Coweta County was the subject of two famous works, “Murder”: a film by Margaret Anne Barnes in 1976 and a 1983 television broadcast on CBS, starring Johnny Cash and Andy Griffith.

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