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The River is being developed by 26th Avenue River Investments Inc at 135 26 Ave SW, Calgary. The development was completed in 2015.The development is composed of 38 units.

Historic, eclectic and centrally located, Mission is Calgary’s most vibrant and charming neighbourhood. With a blend of older, Victorian homes and newer properties in a well-treed area, it’s an ideal blend of classic and contemporary.

The Pathway system along the Elbow invites runners, walkers and cyclists to enjoy the beauty of the riverfront. Close to downtown, Mission is filled with the amenities and choices that make a neighbourhood unique.

Its thriving 4th Street is packed with local shops and distinct restaurants. Patios entice patrons to relax and enjoy the energy of the area, while Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, French, Chinese, Japanese restaurants offer a world of flavours.

Price are changing between CAD$1,890,000 and CAD$4,900,000 in development.

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