China plans to transport 250 million people to the country’s mega-city. To accommodate migration, the country has invested billions of dollars in major infrastructure projects. We listed China’s large projects.


Pingtang telescope worth 110 million dollar was opened in September 2016. It has taken its place as the world’s largest radio telescope. Also, his dish is 1,640 feet tall.

Shanghai Sinkrotron Radiation Laboratory is the region where most of China’s most important scientific projects are done. The most expensive research facility in the country is worth 176 million dollar.

Guangzhou Opera House is one of the three largest theaters designed by architect Zaha Hadid in China. The value of the theater is 200 million dollars.

The Qinling Tunnel, worth $ 473 million, is the longest highway tunnel at 11 miles under Mount Zhongnan.

The 1.614-foot-long Shanghai World Financial Center Project is the second highest hotel in the world. Park Hyatt Shanghai is located on floors 79 to 93.

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