Chinese investors do not stop investing in Thailand despite political turmoil. Most Chinese people invest in Thai property.

Thailand’s popularity among Chinese real estate investors began after the military coup of 2014. Despite this confusing political environment, Chinese investors continued to invest in real estate in Thailand. Thailand was the most popular country to invest in after the second half of 2016. According to the Chinese real estate portal, China is the 4th most invested country by Thailand. Thailand currently has $ 2.3 billion of Chinese capital.

The Chinese choose Thailand for the tourist trips from outside the investment. Chinese tourists are growing the economy of Thailand.

Thailand will hold general elections on 24 March. Juwai CEO Carrie Law said the East Korean election hasn’t seen a link between the Chinese invesment.

She added: “We are working with the uniqueness of the buyers.”

According to World Bank data, the Thai economy has strengthened since the 2014 coup and has reached 3.9 percent GDP. The country had the best economy of the last five years from 2018. However, growth may slow down due to weak global growth this year.

Nanmanas Jiwattanakul uluslararası iş geliştirme şirketin yardımcısı başkan yardımcısı.Nanmanas says Foreign buyers have not been deterred by the country’s political limbo over the last five years as the Thai economy, business processes and policies have showed consistency and resilience despite numerous government changes.


Sevdenur Demir / [email protected]