wanda football 1

The Chinese Football Association and Wanda Sports Holdings Co. plan to host the first-ever “’China Cup’ International Football Tournament”. The 2017 games will be held in the southern Chinese autonomous region of Guangxi, in Nanning city, on January 9 to January 16. China and the three first-class national teams from Europe and the Americas will play four games, offering fans a glimpse of the highest levels of international soccer. Wanda and the CFA will seek approval by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and FIFA for this project.

The China Cup is the first international soccer competition to land in China. Wanda Sports Holdings owns the intellectual property rights to the China Cup, and beyond this event, China will not host similar international competitions. As the host country, China will automatically qualify to enter its national team in the tournament.

The China Cup will be held annually, initially featuring competitions between four teams and gradually building up to eight teams in the future. In addition to China, other participating nations will be among the world’s top-ranking national A teams, with their best players taking the field.