The car park of a police department in the Cincinnati area of America will be sold. The team will make a stadium here.

The city council has been discussing how much the deal will cost for weeks. The Cincinnati President and General Manager, Jeff Berding, said the parking lot was very expensive for $ 800,000.

However, some members of parliament insisted that the team pay 1.6 million dollars. On Wednesday, FC, Cincinati and the city center signed a deal. The land will be technically sold for one dollar.

Mayor Jhon Cranley will send the agreement to the Mezlic Committee next week. If the stadium plan is approved, the council’s vote will be expected on Wednesday. “This gets us more than double the city’s appraised value. It is more than fair and quite frankly a no-brainer,” said Cranley.

If the council gives approval, the foundations of the stadium will be laid. The team plans a $ 250 million stadium and receives about $ 35 million in infrastructure assistance from city taxpayers.

“Our proposed agreement with the Mayor and city administration is a good deal for CPD and for taxpayers,” Berding said.

He added CPD will have the same amount of parking it has now and a new Criminal Investigative Unit facility at District 3. The city will have a guaranteed revenue stream for its General Fund and resources for additional development in the West End. This agreement will help further my vision that the FCC Stadium will be a catalyst for positive development in the West End. It will allow our $250 million stadium plan to proceed, the biggest Cincinnati project in decades.

Source: cincinnati

Sevdenur Demir / [email protected]