The Danish architecture office COBE announced that it will design new mixed-use affordable housing development in downtown Toronto.

COBE, which will work with ArchitectsAlliance as part of the project, has designed three buildings, 30 percent of which include affordable 760 rental units. Designed in Toronto, one of Canada’s most important areas, the building seeks to obtain a LEED Gold certificate. The development will carry the living and working areas into the same space.

“We want to create attractive homes that appeal to many different types of people. We have been working alongside the client team to develop a concept of radical mixed use that provides all residents with a generous apartment, flooded with light through floor-to-ceiling windows, and access to attractive amenity spaces,” says Dan Stubbergaard, architect and founder of COBE.

The building is located in the coastal area of Toronto and has a very successful recycling, located in an old industrial zone. The building is located in a center where 3 different neighborhoods intersect.

All tenants have the right to use common areas. The building has terraces, city farming, landscaped gardens, outdoor dining terraces, playground and green open area areas with pool area.

The project’s central building features a cinema, fitness center, spa, music and childcare facilities, as well as a local lounge and dining areas.

The ground floor of the building has cafes and public areas. The restoration of the building will begin in mid-2019 and will end in 2022. The project is currently one of four COBEs in North America.


Sevdenur Demir /