The construction of the $ 200 million Westin Darwin hotel will begin this month. Built in Australia’s Darwin Waterfront area, the hotel will provide significant support for the local tourism industry.

The hotel is expected to attract tourists from the high rate expected to be done for a long time. The local company signed the first contract to build McMahon Services Australia NT marine wall.

In the other phase of construction, construction of a shoreline path, precast concrete units, wall mounting, a new head wall and related drainage will be done. The hotel is expected to open in 2021. The hotel will be in a waterfront location.

Bates Smart Studio Director, Cian Davis says: “Our intention is for the hotel to embody the spirit of Darwin, the land and nature and to create an identity that is uniquely connected to the Northern Territory.”

The first design work and preparatory work began in January 2019. The NT government has committed $ 17 million for the public infrastructure of the project. The Westin will be facing Darwin Hotel’s Darwin Harbor and will be adjacent to the CBD. It will attract the attention of tourists by providing significant support for the local tourism industry.

Source: thehotelconversation

Sevdenur Demir / [email protected]