South Beach, the southernmost tip of Florida Beach, begins in the first half of 2019. It’s a little early for the beach. However, one of the city’s most expensive houses sold on the market for $ 48 million on the beachfront condominium complex Continuum, said someone ara must remain competitive.

Idnani will remain the same after a reconstruction of the two towers of the Continuum up to $ 8 million. However, Idnani said everything that is horizontal  –  the passage, the road to buildings and landscaping would change.

Real estate developer Ian Bruce Eichner now has a $ 48 million seven-bedroom Continuum loft, the most expensive house in Miami Beach. Myles Chefetz, a renowned restaurant artist with Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez on the client list, also has a house for sale in Continuum: a three-bedroom unit listed in $ 12.75 million.

“The interiors are already state of the art – we don’t even need keys, because everything is done by fingerprint,” said Chefetz, who owns half a dozen restaurants in South Beach. Including Prime 112, a block from Continuum. “And we’re already sitting on the best piece of land in Miami Beach, with the cruise ships going by every day, so it’s not that it’s ugly. But, it does need a facelift, and repositioning yourself in the marketplace is always a good idea.”

Source: Forbes

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