Crain Square 1

Crain Square offers 62 unit three-story townhomes, more than 2 acres of green space.The development is being developed by Rohe & Wright in 3737 Bellaire Boulevard, Houston.The development will be completed in 2017. Prices are changing between $1,299,900 and $1,999,000 in development.

The development inculudes brick paved walks and stoops, classic front porches and balconies, manicured gardens and alley loaded garages and over two acres of green space with four open common areas – 2 common quads, 1 central fountain, and 1 children’s playground.

Classic townhomes featuring Southern Traditional Architecture is the muse for Crain Square, and what Röhe & Wright recognized quickly would best fit within the existing architectural fabric of Southside Place.

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