Diyarbakir Altinpark Houses project that built by Intim Insaat totally consists of 4 stages. Prices of the project start at TL260.000 and the project is rising on 12.000 m2 land.

Diyarbakir Altinpark Houses

Diyarbakir Altinpark Houses are designed as 4+1 concepts. The project which consisted of 4 stages has 36.000 m2 green fields.

First stage of the project occurs 96 apartments. The project totally is designed as 15 blocks. The project is located in Diyarbakir city of Turkey.

Altinpark Houses includes walking trails, playgrounds for children, basketball court, camelliass and parking area.

Prices of the project start at TL260.000 and rise to TL290.000. Moreover, Altinpark Houses provide payment options like installment of company and mortgage credit. Delivery of first stage is going to start 14 months later.

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