According to some developers, homes with drone landing take-off areas will be available within five years at the latest.

In Ken Saunders’ book, drones were sending mail to the houses instead of the postman. Although this is an imaginary scene in a book, it may soon become a reality. In his book 2028, Saunders mentions drones as being more involved in our lives.

Saunders says “It wasn’t so much an attempt to predict the future, but more to describe a world where some of the not very good ideas around today have developed in slightly preposterous ways that sort of make sense, almost.”

Not only Saunders but the design director of Rivergum Homes John Eckert agrees. Eckert said that the drone landing runways of reality would be a viable option for new homes not far away in the future.

“When I think of how online shopping has evolved in the last decade, it’s easy to see how this will affect the design of our homes to allow for a superior delivery experience,” he said.

“Looking to the future, drones would certainly offer a unique way of maximising roof space with the inclusion of landing pads integrated onto the roof or into backyard designs to meet the advances in lifestyles.”

Air mapping expert Tony Gilbert says the houses with a drone track in the near future are not a joke. He says “I think it’s a really great use of the technology, a logical use of the technology,” Mr Gilbert said.

“Anywhere where you can reduce the cost of ordinary everyday product by using technology, it’s well worthwhile exploring.”


Sevdenur Demir / [email protected]