Dubai Land Department (DLD) has announced a strategic partnership with the International Property Show to launch the Global Property Market and Future Cities Show 2017. The three-day event will take place from 2nd to 4th April 2017 at the Dubai World Trade Center.

His Excellency Sultan Butti bin Mejren, Director General of the Dubai Land Department, commented: “DLD is keen to establish a distinguished presence at these various events taking place under one roof, which demonstrates the department’s commitment to providing all parties operating in Dubai’s real estate market with a perfect environment for working and achieving. The previous editions of the International Property Show have been successful in every respect, and this year’s show will certainly attract more participants and visitors in light of the diverse opportunities offered by the event and the other activities held simultaneously.”

His Excellency added that under the International Property Show umbrella, a number of other prominent activities will be held, with the most important being the ‘Brokers Village’ – a 300-square-metre area where DLD will provide brokers with spaces to display their properties. The aim of the village is to support brokers in the real estate market, and Dubai Real Estate Institute – the educational arm of DLD – will also provide a number of workshops, lectures and awareness courses for brokers through its platform, which will be free for village participants and visitors. At the show, visitors and exhibitors can consolidate collaborations and acquaintances, as well as conclude deals between major investors and real estate professionals from around the world.

DLD will also participate in the first edition of the Future Cities Show 2017, which will be held under the theme ‘Sustainability…Innovation…Happiness’ during the same period. The show will focus on the six core elements of sustainability and offer participating companies and organisations a global platform for developing advanced infrastructure around the world, and attracting leading investors, entrepreneurs and ideas to build the future while considering all economic, technical and environmental aspects.

DLD will participate in the Future Cities Show through its investment arm – the Real Estate Investment Management and Promotion Center – with a platform that promotes the real estate market through the Center’s initiatives, most notably its ‘Investment Map’.

“The show aims to present a number of solutions to the challenges facing our current cities, and shape what will be achieved in the future by developing sustainable ways to ensure happiness for communities in line with the United Nations’ goals for sustainable development,” bin Mejren added.

DLD is participating in the event under the theme ‘Dubai Land…Innovative Achievements…Global Leadership’, and will be part of the following three events this year: Dubai International Government Achievements Exhibition (DIGAE), International Property Show (IPS), and Future Cities Show.

Source: DLD

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