Property finders launched a campaign called up-to-the-minute pricing on the property market.

House buyers in Dubai will have more information about on location and type of property. UAE-based Property Finder has announced a new product Pricing Report. This campain under favour of investors will be best informed.

Property Finder officials say “”truly accurate and up-to-the-minute pricing advice to house sellers, reassuring and empowering them to get faster sales, while also boosting the local market”.

Pricing Report is enabling sellers to clearly see current facts, statistics and trends relevant to their home.

chief product officer at Property Finder said Alex Miauton say ““Selling a property is a big financial and emotional decision, so it is important for homeowners to find the right agent to guide them through this process and ensure the property is sold at the right price.”

He added: “Being able to view data on actual transactions and agent performance in a given area empowers sellers in this decision and gives them the transparency needed to form trusted relationships between sellers and agents.”


Sevdenur Demir/

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