Marked by their artful masonry, heritage and warmth; each Hajar Villa inspires a sense of nostalgia – a wistful nod to the past where homes were created with love and careful attention paid to every detail. Naturally warmer in winter and cooler in summer, they are practical, energy efficient and ultimately kinder to their environment as well.

With collection of premium full-stone homes, a variety of lifestyle and investment needs are catered to – from those who love to entertain to family providers, newlyweds and families who require more privacy.

Own a four-bedroom stone villa from AED 1,075,000.


  • Large 4-bedroom villas
  • Spacious 3-bedroom villas
  • Villas with single entrances and two separate units
  • 1 bedroom duplex with open-plan entertainment area
  • Private front and back yards
  • Separate living/dining area and kitchen

Facilities at AKOYA Oxygen

  • Trump World Golf Club Dubai – championship course by Tiger Woods Design
  • Vista Lux at AKOYA Oxygen – (luxury retail, hospitality and entertainment)
  • Tropical rainforest
  • Hydroponic café
  • Five-star hotel and suites
  • Desert-inspired luxury spa
  • Unique yoga enclave inspired by the natural elements
  • Waterplay fountains across the community
  • Organic fresh market
  • Healthy dining
  • Schools and nurseries

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