City of Elmina provides 300 acres worth of parks and rivers – home to various fauna and flora. In Elmina Valley Phase 4, you can live healthier, breathing in the morning fresh air and enjoying the warm evening sunsets; whether it be indoors or outdoors.

The latest 278 units of 2-storey link homes feature distinctive designs that maximise comfort living: The brick walls and vent blocks of the homes here capture the essence of the plantation spirit, allowing free flow of air and sunshine.The homes here are designed to accommodate multigenerational living to satisfy the needs of modern living. From the layout to the brick of the homes, the architecture here draws on both modern and classic styles, accentuating the spirit of plantation life.


New 22’ x 75’ 2-storey link homes that are suited for multigenerational living. The lifetime homes here are nestled in an expanse of green spaces and multiple community parks with the following features:

-Pedestrian-friendly cul-de-sacs.
-Nearby multiple parks for serene evening strolls; carefree green spaces for more vigorous activities.
-Column-less car porch for unobstructed space.
-Practical open-layout plan with opportunities for personalisation.
-En-suite bathrooms in all bedrooms for added privacy and convenience.
-Multigenerational homes with spacious and modern layout.
-A 300-acre central park that extends into the 2,700-acre forest reserve, serving as a green lung.

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