According to AA’s news; Erciyes Ski Center, located in central province of Kayseri, is a secure center for skiers from 7 to 70 years old…

Erciyes ski center among the safest ski trails in the world!

Erciyes Ski Center in the central Turkish province of Kayseri is stepping up its security on its ski trails in accordance with European legislation. In the light of the recent skiing accident of seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher in France, Cahid Cingi, the board chairman of Erciyes Incorporation, is implementing European security standards in Erciyes Ski Center which are also valid in America and Canada. 

“We have received consultancy from a ski center in Andorra. Expert skiers, ski attendants and security officials of the center have trained our personnel,”  stated Cingi. He told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the ski centers in Europe and around the world have a legislation which stipulate precautions to be taken in ski trails and specify actions to be undertaken ‘off piste’. This legislation also governs the steps to be taken in the event of a problem and also the process that takes place for those who neglect to take proper precautions.

Cingi pointed out that at present there is no legislation or law governing ski centers in Turkey, and said that arrangements for Turkish centers were completely left to the mercy of managers or institutions in the country.

“The ski trails have a 102-kilometer length in the ErciyesMountain which includes a 26 million square meter zone and we are conducting efforts to hang signboards and markers along the trails for those people who want to ski comfortably”, stated Cingi, adding “A skier who has a map of our center can easily reach any ski trails s/he wants, which is important for us and we are taking serious precautions such as setting up protective nets in places which can pose a risk and danger. In addition, we are covering snow machines and mechanic poles with sponges along the ski trails so that skiers do not get injured in case of a collision.”    

The chairman also noted that sledging and skiing fields were separate and snow machines are not allowed in zones where people are, adding “We want all skiers to enjoy their skiing without confronting any obstacles on the trails and therefore we do not sacrifice the safety of the skiers.”

– A twenty-people rescue team in the resort

Cingi stated that the most important characteristic of the center was the twenty person search and rescue team which conducts search and rescue and trail security in the center. This team distinguishes it from other centers in Turkey with its continual patrolling along the ski trails, checking signboards and the quality of the trails as well as providing medical assistance for those who fall during the skiing.


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