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The city utilizes the most advanced multi-layered urban planning concept. Covering an area of nearly 20 square kilometers, parks and recreational spaces spread around the city. There is no vehicle traverses its surface, and the railways connect the whole city. There are roads, flyovers and parking space docked underground, separating pedestrians from vehicles.

World’s top architecture design and planning firm – SASAKI develops the conceptual plan. With lush green plants covering the building facades, sky gardens and rooftop gardening system are designed to purify the air, conserve rainwater and diminish noise. There are green parks, circle-island planning green lanes and bar blocks in the entire city and surrounded waterfront parks. It is livable and safe.

Malaysia is recognized as one of the best places to live, work, and play. The temperature is between 21℃ and 32℃ consistently with blue sky and no haze(Johor Bahru has a tropical climate with annual average temperature of 25-32℃, annual average precipitation is 2,600mm, solar radiation is between 3-5).

There is a network of water system within Forest City and more than dozens kilometers coastline outside of it. Our strong design team has created fascinating coastline with exotic landscape design. The city is also surrounded by the world’s 2nd largest red mangroves, ecological wetlands and other natural resources, creating an eco-city with fresh air and pristine waters.

Transportation hub, international clubhouse, coastal commercial street and beach park have started operation; high-star hotel is estimated to be opened in August.

New entry points by land and by sea have been approved. It enables seamless connection between Forest City and Singapore, fulfilling the convenience of both cities. The self-constructed highway provides quick access to Second-Link, facilitates the travel to Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru CBD and other places. Residents can enjoy 24 hours shuttle bus services to and from Singapore.

Prices start from US$150,000 in project.

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