The 30 million-euro fund needed for the development of the Royal Bolton Hospital in the northern part of England was provided.

The proposed medical skills and training department at the Royal Bolton Hospital provided the necessary funding. This facility is expected to contribute 150 million pounds to the economy.

Approximately 150 full-time equivalent jobs will be created for the development of the hospital.

Bolton College will be developed under the partnership of Bolton University, Bolton NHS Foundation Foundation and Bolton Council. The Bolton Council will contribute 1 million pounds to development.

Bill Webster, principal of Bolton College, says “The Bolton College of Medical Sciences aims to make it easier for local people to access education and career opportunities in the healthcare sector.

“This will simultaneously improve the current healthcare provision available in the area, by alleviating current staffing pressures in the NHS.

“This funding means we are one step closer to creating state-of-the-art facilities that will upskill and future-proof the NHS workforce in Greater Manchester, while creating thousands of jobs and contributing millions to the local economy.”

BCMS project director Mark O’Reilly from Just Ask Scarlett told “Having raised my family in Farnworth, I am proud to be working on a project that will make such a huge difference to the local community.

“This project is testament to the forward-thinking nature of the Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, Bolton Council, Bolton College and the University of Bolton, and will provide a blueprint to the rest of Greater Manchester on how we can create jobs for local people, address skills gaps and help future-proof the NHS workforce.”


Sevdenur Demir /