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Gardenia, a unique community that celebrates both the serene nature of its locale and the busy lifestyles of its inhabitants, is a residential offering like no other.

Offering 29 beautifully-conceived townhouses, luxury extends far beyond the immediate facade of the homes to encompass a spectacular garden sanctuary – complete with flourishing garden beds, lush winding pathways and a range of areas designed to encourage communal interaction.

Inimitably blending innovative design with nature and community, Gardenia is a visionary conception of multi-residential living, grounded in harmonising the modern demands of work-life balance.

The 29 stunning townhouses represent private sanctuaries wherein every individual need is accommodated, whilst the community needs of Gardenia inhabitants are given equal focus. The modern architecture is perfectly offset by the delicate forms of nature, with design that’s consciously crafted around existing garden plots while also adapted to create new pockets of greenery where the community of residents can gather.

Prices start from A$699,000 in project.

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