Kuwait’s overall contribution to the reconstruction of Gaza is USD 200 miillion as a grant administered by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED). From this amount, USD 60 million is designated for the Gaza desalination plant.

The project consists of building a desalination plant and water conveyors that take the produced water to northern and central Gaza.

The project is in the phase of completing the financial plan. Fifty percent of the total cost of the project valued at over 500 million euro will come from Arab countries and the other fifty percent from international donors.

The Arab donors are managed by the Islamic Development Bank, whle KFEAD is managing its own contribution which is 60 USD million.

Kuwaiti representative said,”There is some deficiency on the part of international donors. So this meeting was aimed at coordinating our efforts so that we can attract other donors to participate in this important project.”

Sadeqi, said, “We are here to attract new donors to fill the gap. It is always encouraging to have these kind of meetings to have new ideas to press ahead with the project. KFEAD is taking the lead in starting the actual implementation of the project.”

Besides the EU, representative from the World bank, the Islamic Development bank, the European Investment bank, the KFAED as well as other international donors attended the Brussels meeting, The EU on 20 March 2018 had hosted a pledging conference on the Gaza Central Desalination Plant & Associated Works Project in Brussels.

Source: Zawya

Fulya Altunyay/ [email protected]