Greybrook Realty Partners and Marlin Spring Investments has bought 566 rental units in Texas. Partnership paid $177 million for units.

The partner’s portfolio has 450 rental units in Montreal and 217 rental units in Quebec City. Greybrook and Marlin Spring aim to a value-add program at the properties, renovating rental suites, improving common areas and increasing building efficiencies.

Included in the partners portfolio the two Quebec City apartment buildings, Gingras townhomes.

Partners Focus on Quebec

Partners say the real estate market in Quebec will get better. According to many property experts, properties in Quebec are a good investment for investors.

“Strong economic drivers, robust population growth and rising home ownership costs have supported tightening rental markets across Montréal and Québec City in recent years,” said Peter Politis, the CEO of Greybrook Realty Partners, in a release. “With consistent rental demand and rent growth expected to persist, we will continue to explore attractive opportunities in these submarkets.”

Quebec’s Canada represents about 20 percent of GDP. It is also the second largest economy in Canada.


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